Wastewater Accessories



Boyd Bros Concrete carries all of the wastewater accessories you’ll need for new systems or septic repair and maintenance. From pumps and alarms to plastic risers and retrofit septic tank lids, we’ve got you covered. Stop by and see us today.

Retrofit Septic Tank Lids & Risers

Adapter Lid Brochure

Adapter Lid Brochure

No More Digging!

Boyd Bros manufactures retrofit concrete septic tank lids, complete with Tuf-Tite plastic risers and lids that comes to grade. Retrofit lids cover most common tank sizes, coming in dimensions of 30″ x 30″, OR 32″ x 36″, precast with a 20″ or 24″ diameter riser and lid. You can also bring your access cover up as high as you need by adding individual risers at 3″, 6″ or 12″ in height.  Access covers at grade allow for easy  pumping, filter cleaning and simplified septic repair and maintenance all year round. We also carries a wide variety of Polylok risers and lids to fit your needs. Please visit our Downloads page for Tuf-Tite brochure and specs.

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Septic Repair, Installation & Maintenance Accessories

Boyd Bros carries a wide selection of installation and repair & maintenance accessories. Some items include effluent filters, flow restrictors, gear clamps, cam-lock connections, geotextile cloth and much, much more. Come by and see us today!



Goulds Pumps & SJE Rhombus Controls

Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry. Boyd Bros Concrete is a Goulds Pumps Dealer. We carry effluent and sewage pumps which range from high-head, high-volume and three-phase, to stainless steel for corrosion resistance. We also carry panels and accessories designed for residential applications. Call us with your requirements.

Boyd Bros Concrete also stocks SJE Rhombus for floats and panels. Their quality is unsurpassed and provides the best reliability for a fair cost.  SJE Rhombus manufactures a complete line of pump controls from a simple ‘plug-in’ indoor high-water alarm to extremely complex control panels suitable for commercial applications. Visit our Downloads page for Pump and Panel specs

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Shallow Buried Trench Accessories

Shallow buried trenches, when preceded by a level IV system, dispose of treated effluent via small diameter, perforated pipes running through Infiltrator Chambers placed in the upper soil layers.  Diffuser shields help to get rid of any effluent remaining in the lines after time dose pumping. The long sweep 90°elbow with a threaded plug insert are used for clean-out. These systems are a great design for areas where a conventional bed will not fit or the soil conditions are not good enough.  Call us today with your requirements.

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